I am a writer of “fantastical fiction” and published under the names Peggy Wheeler and Peggy Dembicer. My non-fiction articles have appeared in Colorado Serenity, Mountain Connection and Llewellyn’S 2012 Magical Almanac.



Current Titles

A dystopian survival tale with an unlikely hero, CHACO is the story of a young Salvadoran, hiding in the United States after he flees his country as a wanted man. He lives in southern California as “Just another Latino with a leaf blower.”
Beautimus Potamus’ tongue-in-cheek story is a magical fable-stew made with the ingredients of satire, drama, social commentary, and comedy, with jests, puns and wordplay sprinkled throughout. For good measure, a generous pinch of romantic flavoring is thrown into the pot.
When a charismatic Algonquian killer shows up in the remote mountain town of Wicklow, CA, he turns peaceful Wild River County upside down and inside out. One time criminologist, and Wicklow resident, Maggie Tall Bear Sloan, (50% Yurok, 50% Irish, and 100% gutsy) joins forces with county sheriff and long-time friend, Jake Lubbuck, to track down the murderer.