Book Cover: Chaco

A dystopian survival tale with an unlikely hero, CHACO is the story of a young Salvadoran, hiding in the United States after he flees his country as a wanted man. He lives in southern California as "Just another Latino with a leaf blower."

A series of monster class solar storms hit Earth, and within days, the storms wipe out communications, transportation, and anything with a computer chip. Planes cannot fly, any vehicle with a computer chip will most likely not run. There is no electricity, therefore, no way to pump fuel or obtain potable water. There is no sewage or garbage disposal, no cell phones, no land lines, no computers, no satellites, no way to get prescription meds, no banking, no radio service, and no police or fire services can come to the rescue. Panic ensues, and people begin to murder one another. Chaco comes forward to his employers and reveals his identity as a physicist and freedom figher in his country. He ends up leading two privileged white families to the safety of a self-sufficient commune nearly 800 miles away, during which the group encounters all manner of deadly perils.