what readers are saying about The raven’s daughter

“OK…when is the movie coming out? This story sucked me in from the “get-go,” and lord what a story it is. It’s 3 am, I just finished the book and now I can’t go to sleep! The characters, the subject matter, the intense finale…all floating around in my head. I was thoroughly captivated. Way to write a book Peggy A. Wheeler….I loved it. Well done!!”

“I loved the book!…kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. Couldn’t put it down, just had to find out what happened next. Very suspenseful and intriguing. Twisting and turning plot. Would like to read more from this author.”

“…I seriously LOVED it. I looked forward to reading it every day until I finished. Was even sad when it was over because I wanted MORE!…”

“A really wonderful read. Great character development, fascinating twists and turns…, and a wonderfully surprising ending. Obviously, a huge amount of research into shamanism and Native cultures…. One of those books that you keep going back to, to find out what’s happening… I can’t wait for her next book.”

“This book is definitely a page turner. If you are doing something that needs your time, do not read this book because it will consume your hours. I am definitely recommending it to friends.”

“Author Peggy A. Wheeler’s creativeness is just amazing as she keeps throwing characters into situations captivating enough to keep one nailed to her book. Engaging, with numerous and complex characters crafted skillfully, author does a remarkable job of bringing everyone to life. ‘The Raven’s Daughter’ is a novel with a great story line that builds a stunning conclusion least expected, satisfying readers…”