THE SPLENDID AND EXTRAORDINARY LIFE OF BEAUTIMUS POTAMUS is an otherworldly adventure story. Despite its adult themes, the book almost reads as a fairy tale, (think Disney meets James Cameron). Fans of Animal Farm, or Watership Down should enjoy this book.


On the mystical green planet of Rendaz, devout Goddess worshiper and university professor,  middle-aged Beautimus Potamus (who also happens to be a hippo), forms an alliance with Samuel S. Goodwings, a younger womanizing, atheist praying mantis. When these two are together, life morphs from the mundane into the fantastic. Our unlikely duo solve mysteries, bring a murderer to justice, and even help end a war while experiencing their own trials, triumphs, and tragedies. Often with humor, their situations and adventures parody Earth culture, and address issues that plague humanity today.

During their exploits, the two interact with a host of characters, including a pair of New Age Flamingos, an A.D.H.D. afflicted trout, an orangutan detective, and a 310 year-old blue crane High Priestess. All of these creatures are more “human” in surprising ways than the citizens of the blue planet, Earth, that we discover was once a Rendazian Colony. Beautimus’ story is a magical fable-stew made with the ingredients of satire, drama, and humor, with a generous pinch of romantic flavoring thrown into the pot for good measure.

Status:  Manuscript Complete

Represented by: Melissa Carrigee  of the Loiacono Literary Agency

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CHACO is a supernatural speculative adventure novel with hard driving action, an improbable hero, and gutsy characters. Fans of A. America’s work, William R. Forstchen’s, “One Second After,” Emily St. John Mandel’s, “Station Eleven,” and G. Michael Hopf’s, “The End” will enjoy this the dystopian survival tale with a supernatural twist.


After a devastating and freakish solar event obliterates our contemporary way of life on Earth overnight, panic breaks out. Chaco Erhard Rodrigues, an undocumented Latino gardener and handyman, steps forward and reveals his true identity as an astrophysicist, a university professor, and a Salvadoran freedom fighter, but he also carries secrets he cannot reveal, including an affair with his employers’ married daughter. To complicate matters, Chaco is one of only a few humans who can see (and defeat) the legendary chupacabra. Natural disasters bring the chupacabra out in force to literally and figuratively feed on humanity, and this new disaster has awakened legions of the mythological beasts intent on preying on those most vulnerable. It falls to Chaco to keep these murderous monsters at bay, and save the lives of as many people as he can.

Chaco convinces his employers, the privileged Walkers, and their next door neighbors, the racist Pennymons, to accompany him (mostly on foot) to a self-sustaining commune nearly 1,000 miles away. On their journey the travelers encounter formidable mountain passes, blizzards, murderous thieves, the flesh eating chupacabra, and an earthquake so powerful it changes the course of rivers. However, in this adventure, in which people are not as they seem, the most deadly perils emerge from within the group. CHACO is a character-driven story loaded with the unexpected, and with enough fast-paced action to appeal to a broad audience.

Status:  Manuscript complete

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